LTL 026: How to be FN Phenomenal with Aisha Taylor
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 026: How to be FN Phenomenal with Aisha Taylor

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In this episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy Show, financial freedom expert Aisha Taylor schools us on how to live and FN Phenomenal life. She reveals why how you feel about yourself is directly related to the amount of money you have in your bank account, how you can have it all (but you’ve got to be smart about it), what Booker T. Washington can teach us about excuses and most importantly…how to make value based decisions so that you can be FN Phenomenal.
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Twitter: @FNPhenomenal
Linked In:
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Aisha’s quote to live by
“For the average person, when you die, only 10 people will cry.” – Unknown
Aisha’s Killer Tweetable
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“You can have it all…you just have to be smart about it.”
How would you define legacy?
If you’re really creating a legacy you have to think about what’s going to happen after you’re gone. Who will be the people that carry the torch for you when you’re no longer able to carry it?
What FN (Frugal and) Phenomenal is all about
To be frugal and phenomenal is all about making value driven choices with your money that will bring you the greatest happiness.
Being phenomenal is about taking your God-given gifts and your purpose and using that to figure out how to advance humanity with that.
Who is your Shero?
My mother. She is so strong and she is the epitome of someone who sacrifices for what matters most. She chose to walk away from her career to raise her kids.
She was the first African American women to graduate from Cleveland State’s Chemical Engineering program. She had to go through so much as a trailblazer.
What Aisha is pretty excited about?
Her new book, “5 + 5 FNPhenomenal ways to Save $100 this Week without Killing Your Lifestyle.”
Grab Aisha's book book today!

Aisha’s book recommendation
Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington
BONUS: You can actually download this book for FREE on your Kindle!
Parting Advice from Aisha
When you look at your life you need to ask yourself two questions
1)      Am I capable?
a.       If yes, move on to question #2
b.      If no, do not proceed to question #2
2)      Am I willing?
Aisha’s Short Bio
Aisha Taylor is the Modern Girl’s Guide to Being Phenomenal and Financially Free.
She is a financial freedom expert who brings a modern and fresh twist to wealth consciousness. Aisha holds bachelor’s degrees in public policy and economics from Duke University and master’s degrees in business administration and health services administration from the University of Michigan. Aisha is passionate about helping other women avoid the same mistakes that she made by falling into the
trap of “keeping up with the Joneses.” By founding Frugal-n-Phenomenal (FNPhenomenal), Aisha is determined to help women break the vicious cycle of making money but not keeping it, and to help them live frugally yet phenomenally.
This is accomplished by helping them to feel worthy enough to keep their money, changing their mind-set, providing education about money management, encouraging them to live their authentic selves, and by pursuing what makes them phenomenal.

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Behind the Scenes with Coach T!



COACH T'S QUOTE TO LIVE BY: "Your life is your message, and how you live will determine your legacy." -- Coach T


 theresa (at) herlifeherlegacy (dot) com
  • Make the Subject Line: "Let's Dance Coach T!" 
  • Include your first and last name in the body of the e-mail
  • I will contact you with next steps :-)
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LTL 024: Why it’s Safe for You to Shine with Liz DiAlto

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In this episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy show women’s body and soul coach Liz DiAlto explains why diet and exercise alone are not enough. To get the results you’re looking for you’re going to have to honor your mind, body and soul. During this chat Liz also talks about: the benefits of combining mantra and movement, why self-acceptance has to come before self-improvement, why you are an artist and your work is your art, why she is her own guru, and how to stop playing small. Are you ready to shine?
Connect with Liz
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Liz’s quote to live by
“When you are committed to feeling the way you want to feel, you become less attached to the form those things show up in.” – Danielle LaPorte
Liz’s Killer Tweetable
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“Self-acceptance has to come before self-improvement.” – Liz DiAlto
How would you define legacy?
It’s what you leave behind.
It’s the way you’ve touched other people that allows them to go out and do their thing.
Who is your Shero?
Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte were BIG mentors/influencers of mine. But then I realized that when I put people on pedestals I was putting myself below them. I couldn’t expand and step into my own power if I was constantly putting others on pedestals. I’ve decided to be my own guru.
Join Liz’s Soul Movement Salon on Facebook
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Liz’s book recommendation(s)
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
What Liz is pretty excited about?
The 2xOne Method that will be fully launching in May that integrates mind, body & soul through movement. Sign up here to be notified when registration opens:
Parting Advice from Liz
Give yourself the permission and embody this mantra. “It is safe for me to shine.”
Check out Liz’s FREE class
You can check out Liz’s free class via this link:
Liz’s Short Bio
Liz DiAlto is a women’s body & soul coach, speaker, and writer, on a mission to help millions across the globe fall in love with their bodies and connect to their higher selves through movement.

She is the founder of the Soul Movement Salon, a thriving private Facebook community where women come together to have transparent conversations about all things body, mind and soul
She is also the founder of The 2xONE Method, which is a is a 50 minute movement experience incorporating yoga, meditation, bodyweight interval training and sensual movement.
She's been featured on in Shape, SELF, Marie Claire, New York Magazine and contributes for The Daily Love and US News and World Report.
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LTL 023: How to Let Go and Become Who You Already Are with Megan Snedden
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 023: How to Let Go and Become Who You Already Are with Megan Snedden
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In this episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy Show, journalist, photographer, and world traveler Megan Snedden shares how we can build and exciting and passionate life even amidst tragedy. During this chat, Megan reveals: how to cope with the unexpected, how to create a life with no regrets, why your real strength is in your vulnerability, and how to cope with the unexpected. You can also check out her short documentary, Finding Solace, on her show notes page at
Connect with Megan
Website link:
Twitter handle: @megansnedden
Instagram: @megansnedden
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Megan’s quote to live by 
“The only regrets you will have in life are the risks you don’t take.” - Unknown
Megan’s Killer Tweetable 
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“Go far and fly high!”
Megan’s Documentary – Finding Solace 
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LTL 022: Why there is Nothing to Fear with Tess Marshall
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 022: Why there is nothing to fear with Tess Marshall
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Connect with Tess!
Tess Marshall M.A. has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and works as a spiritually based, passionate, loving, fear-shattering, risk taker, author, Courage Coach and blogger at The Bold Life. Tess is involved in a current love affair with her family, hiking, running and travel.
In this episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy Show, Courage Coach and founder of The Bold Life Tess Marshall talks about: the importance of having a solid foundation, how you are the cause of your own suffering, and why when you think you can’t even take a baby step, how you can and should take half of a penguin step. She also talks about the choice we get to make each and every day regarding where we put our energy; as well as the choice we can make to be happy or to be right.
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Tess’ quote to live by 
“There is nothing to fear.” – A Course in Miracles
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LTL: 021 How to Make Love with Uncertainty with Jacob Sokol
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 021: How to Make Love with Uncertainty with Jacob Sokol

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Connect with Jacob
Twitter: @jacobsokol
In this episode, founder, Jacob Sokol reveals: the 5 most important things you need to know about yourself, why being healthy is a revolutionary act, and the question you must ask yourself AFTER you determine what it is that you truly want. He also talks about why you should make love with uncertainty.
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Jacob’s quote to live by
“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti 
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LTL 020: How to live an effective life with Michele Woodward
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 020: How to live an effective life with Michele Woodward

Connect with Michele
In this week’s episode, Executive Coach and Career Strategist Michele Woodward shares why it’s important to envision your greatest future, as well as reflect on the past. You’ll also learn how your personal brand directly effects the legacy you will leave; and Michele even reveals the single most important question that if answered will help you push past your fear in order to get what you really want. After all she set her sights on a gig at the white house and within 18 months it was hers.
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Michele’s quote to live by
“Love is making a safe place for another person to be fully themselves.” – Henri Nouwen
Michele’s Killer Tweetable
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“If you can’t be reflective you can’t actually learn from your life experiences.” - Michele Woodward
How would you define legacy?
The legacy piece is like the Personal Planning Tool because if knock on wood something should ever happen to me…that thing lives, and it continues to be of service. Legacy is something enduring that brings good to world.
Who is your Shero?
I have a strong belief about this. Whenever you put someone on a pedestal, they’re not able to look anyone in the eye. I don’t have a hero because I don’t want to put someone in a place where they can’t look me in the eye. Because if they can’t look me in the eye then they can’t fully be themselves.
To me…everybody is my hero.
Michele’s generous gift to you!
2014 Personal Planning Tool (click the link below to access the goods)
Michele’s book recommendation(s)
Me Before You by JoJo Moyes
The River of No Return by Bee Ridgeway
Michele’s advice to help you take action
1.       Get very clear on your why? (If you want to get promoted ask yourself why?)
2.       Figure out if you can do it by yourself or if you’re going to need someone’s help
3.       Break it down into small chunks
Michele’s advice to help you push past fear
Listen to the interview here to learn the single question to help you push past fear while keeping in mind…This is simply a test.
What is Michele pretty excited about?
Bringing on two additional coaches to help with resume writing, book coaching and more!
Michele is also working on ideas for two books!
Parting Advice from Michele
Self-love is making a safe place for you to be fully yourself. This is about accepting who you are at your core and loving who you are at your core. Even the parts of yourself that drive you crazy…If you can go to the place where you can love yourself, appreciate yourself, and get a kick out of yourself... You can get out of your own way.
Executive Coach and Career Strategist, Michele Woodward has the ability to help executives and organizations get clear about who they are and what they want to do - and develop a workable action plan to get where they want to go. Michele is a Master Certified Coach who has coached executives across the U.S. and around the world, from Japan and Australia to Latin America and Europe. The author of four books, she has trained and mentored other coaches and is considered a “coach’s coach.”  Prior to becoming a coach, Michele worked in The White House, in corporate America and with technology start-ups. Michele lives outside Washington, DC with her two teenagers, two puppies and an optimistic outlook.
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LTL 019: Balancing Geek & Chic with Valerie Anderson
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 019: Balancing Geek & Chic with Valerie Anderson

An engineer brain child by day, Valerie Anderson is part of the haute styling duo Style to Envy. After years of working in a male dominated industry and not expressing her authentic personal style at the work place, Valerie decided enough was enough. With a lifelong passion for fashion, she decided to jump into the blogosphere and started a personal style blog to satisfy her creative outlet.  A faithful shopping date one afternoon provided to be a game changer and before you knew it Style to Envy was born.  What started as a blog quickly evolved, and less than 1 year later a viable business has been created.
You might recognize this stylist and fashion blogger from ABC, LiveWell Network and is featured in People StyleWatch Magazine’s September 2013 issue. When asked what the one fashion tip was Valerie couldn’t live without she quoted, “Shop your own closet first, the options are usually endless and limitless”
Connect with Valerie
Website -
Twitter - @styletoenvy 
Facebook - @styletoenvy
Instagram - @styletoenvy 
Email -
This 9-5 industrial engineer traded in her steel toe boots for the chance to step into her dream job in style. Fashion blogger and professional stylist Valerie Anderson, shares how she balances geek and chic: working full-time and building a viable business out of her passion for fashion on the side.
Listen in as Valerie shares exactly what it takes to create your dream job. She even reveals how you can reinvent your wardrobe simply by applying the Fashion Formula.
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here
Valerie’s quote to live by
“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Anonymous
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Valerie
*Click your favorite quote from Valerie to tweet it from the roof tops!
“What keeps me going is the desire that – this is what I want to do.”
“If I don’t put in all of the effort, and I don’t dedicate the time and I’m not consistent it won’t come to fruition.”
“Sometimes only sunglasses can be the only accessory that you need.”
“Set your mind to a goal. Set your goal, and then just do it.”
How would you define legacy?
I would define legacy as the stamp and finger print that you leave on the world. In some way you’re going to touch someone’s life. You’re going to inspire someone. So whatever it is that you do with your gifts and skills you’ll be leaving a mark even if you don’t know it. You never know who you’re reaching so try to be your authentic self and try to motivate others and you’ll never know who you’ll be able to touch.
The Fashion Formula

Valerie (and Nikki’s) Fashion Tips
  Valerie’s Best Piece of Advice
Set your mind to a goal. Set your goal and then just do it. Set a date and launch.
You’ve gotta just do it.
Fashion Formula Challenge!
Tour your closet. Apply the fashion formula. Post your picture proof to the Her Life, Her Legacy Facebook page one random participant will win a copy of Coach T’s book Dying to Live: A Smart Woman’s Guide to Loving Her Life & Living Her Legacy.   
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LTL 018: Cruise to Your Passion with Bobbi Govanus
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 018: Cruise to Your Passion with Bobbi Govanus

Connect with Bobbi
FB Page:
FB Reinvention Retreat:
Reinvention Retreat Cruise:
Is your life stealing your passion? In this episode, Reinvention Retreat founder Bobbi Govanus shares how discovering and leveraging your passion to create the life of your dreams is the key to happiness, success and fulfillment. She even extends and invitation to her upcoming Reinvention Retreat! A cruise designed to help you discover your passion and develop a plan to help you live it today.
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here
Bobbi’s quote to live by
“Do not let your life steal your passion.” – Bobbi Govanus
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Bobbi
*Click your favorite quote from Bobbi to tweet it from the roof tops!
“Bloom where you’re planted. Create great things where you are.”
“There’s more to life than this place and this stuff.”
“Hitting that snooze button 2 or 3 times is a sign that you’re not living your passion.”
“If you’re not totally understanding of who you are and what’s going to keep you on fire, you’re going to burn out quick.”
“Don’t let fear stand in your way.”
Who’s your Shero?
Margaret Thatcher. She had the determination. When you look at her life, she changed the world as it was and created such incredible ripples across so many different genres. Julia Child did the same thing. She was in a male dominated field and made it acceptable for women to go into male dominated fields. Oprah…Mary Kay…
How would you define legacy?
Leaving a part of yourself behind that continues to feed others. Whether that be inspiration or a foundation. Something that is motivating people to be a better version of themselves.
Bobbi’s book recommendation
Reinvention: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life by Brian Tracy
Bobbi’s Best Piece of Advice
Discover your passion.
Sometimes it takes stepping away from yourself. Retreat. Take a step back. To ask yourself, if I could choose what I’m most passionate about? The answer might surprise you.
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How to Unleash Your Inner DIVA (in just four steps!)
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 017: How to Unleash Your Inner DIVA (in just 4 steps!)
Connect with Shalena
YouTube Channel:
In this episode, author, speaker and DIVA Academy Founder, Shalena DIVA shares her four step process to help you unleash your inner DIVA. She also riffs about the power of the words that we use, why having the courage to live your legacy is critical for future generations, and why you should be your own Shero.
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Shalena’s quote to live by (a poem written by Shalena DIVA)
When I See You by When I see you, I see a world of possibility
When I see you, I see a world of second chances
When I see you, I see a future waiting to be fulfilled
When I see you, I see a future Queen
When I see you, I see a confident woman
When I see you, I see a strong woman
When I see you, I see a beautiful woman
When I see you, I see a future Queen
When I see you, I see brilliance
When I see you, I see resilience
When I see you, I see intelligence
When I see you, I see a future Queen
How could it be that I don’t know you, yet I see so much?
The answer is simple, but profound nonetheless
I see so much in you, because in you I see ME!
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Shalena
*Click your favorite quote from Shalena to tweet it from the roof tops!
“Discover, Invest, Value and Appreciate your God given gifts and talents, and build your life around them.”
“Being a DIVA can help you leave a legacy.”
“The people whom you are meant to serve are going to be carbon copies of who you once were.”
"...the answer they're seeking has been within them all along."
Who’s your Shero?
I am my own Shero.
No one can convince you to change or become a better person except for you. If you become your own Shero it makes you more responsible for your happiness, for your well-being, for your overall health. The DIVA taught me how to encourage myself, and go after my dreams.
There is a crown just above your head, but you have to grow into it.
You are the queen. You write the script. You write your own story and hopefully you’re the leading lady in your story.
How would you define legacy?
What you would love to leave behind. But you can’t create your legacy unless you live it today.
Legacy is not selfish. When the future generations come along they will be able to learn from you. Legacy is about having the courage to live your life today and document it.
“We must excavate document our lives because if we don’t our existence will be like a relic something that is misunderstood.” -- Opal Palmer Adisa
Shalena’s book recommendations Best advice from Shalena
Really quiet the chatter in your mind. Quiet all the voices…and really learn how to become silent so that you can hear. You need to take time out every morning. Get quiet so that you can just hear yourself.
What Shalena is most excited about
My YouTube Channel. I’m really excited about the content I’ll be creating to help you deal with your inner woman.
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LTL 015: How to be better with Alaia Williams
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 015: How to be better with Alaia Williams
Meet Alaia!

Connect with Alaia
Website link:
Contact Alaia:
FB Page -
Twitter handle -
LinkedIn -
In this episode you’ll learn exactly why our guest Alaia Williams (creator of the At the Helm Women and Business Conference) is known by thousands as the “Small Biz Swiss Army Knife.” She keeps it real, explaining why in this day and age -- no matter what you’re doing, it’s not enough to just be different… you’ve got to be better. She also even reveals why your network is your net worth. Check it out!
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here
Alaia’s quote(s) to live by
“It’s very easy to be different, but it’s very difficult to be better.” – Jonathan Ive
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Alaia
*Click your favorite quote from Alaia to tweet it from the roof tops!
“Unique ceases to be special because we’re all unique.”
“Slightly different in the long-run doesn’t really matter… it’s about being better.”
“It’s funny how we can hear other people’s stories and adopt them as their own.”
“Your network is your net worth.”
Who’s your Shero?
Pamela Slim. I just love what she’s doing. I love her body of work. I love how she interacts with people. She’s so warm and caring and inclusive.
Kelly Alexander. She’s so smart, savvy and sharp…I love her energy. You say something to her and she has an answer in like half a second, and she’s a great connector.
I love how they both work to help others, and are also constantly working to improve themselves.
How would you define legacy?
I don’t have a true definition of it yet. I think it’s something that’s a work in progress and I’m really realizing the value and importance of it. I’m starting to see what my legacy is, but I’m still figuring out how to define that.
Alaia’s book recommendation
Your Network is Your Net Worth  by Porter Gale
Buy it. Read it. Love it.
Best advice from Alaia
Grow your network.
Invest in it. Take care of it.
Your network is like a garden. You have to plant the seeds, water it, and allow things to grow and then you can reap the benefits of it. I wouldn’t have accomplished half of the things I have done without my network.
Growing your network changes your life, and if you’ve grown a good one, it changes it for the better.
What Alaia’s excited about these days
The At the Helm podcast that just launched in December. I’m excited to share this information with the world and stir some new conversations and again get people to learn and walk away from each episode with something actionable and practical that people can use to improve their business and life.
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LTL 014: Stop Thinking & Just Do It with Patty Golsteijn
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 014: Stop Thinking & Just Do It with Patty Golsteijn
Meet Patty!

Patty (29) is a minimalist and an online solopreneur. In May 2010 she quit her job, because she was done with having other people telling her what to do. After starting, quitting, failing and succeeding at different projects she finally found freedom in being self-employed. In October 2013 she quit her first company (virtual assistants) to pursue a bigger dream: to teach other self-employed people to cut the crap and kickstart their lives. She now runs her business Minimal Switch entirely online and enjoys life so much more.
Contact Patty
Facebook -
Twitter - @pattygolsteijn
LinkedIn -
In this episode, Coach T chats with Minimalist and solopreneur Patty Golsteijn about what it really takes to “cut the crap,” stop thinking, and just do it. Patty reveals the one course everyone should take in order to learn how to let go, say “yes,” and discover yourself. She even gives a juicy tip to up the productivity game of all of the perfectionists out there. If you’re ready to enjoy life, and to do the things that you really want to do, then listen in as Patty shares her secrets to success!
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here
Patty’s quote(s) to live by
“Just do it.” - Nike
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Patty
*Click your favorite quote from Patty to tweet it from the roof tops!
“Enjoy life and do the things that you really want to do.”
“We tend to make life so complex while it’s really so simple.”

“There’s going to be highs and lows…life is a rollercoaster.”
“Everyone in the world should take at least one improv class.”
“Don’t think too much. Just take action.”
Who’s your Shero?
Ester Jacobs
She has found freedom. She really does what she wants to do. She can live anywhere and she does that. She’s been trying to change the world of charities by making them more transparent. She only works with people that she loves and knows are great.
How would you define legacy?
If people change their lives because of something you’ve said or did.
…And even after I’m gone, from what I have left in the world, and the people that have worked with me and worked with each other -- that to me is legacy. Something that is much bigger than just me.
Patty’s book recommendation
Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher
This is a great book for people who feel overwhelmed with all of the thoughts and ideas running in their heads.
Patty’s definition of Minimalism and How to get Started
Minimalism is a way of living.
Get rid of everything that you don’t need or that’s not important to you. Until you only have the things left that are important to you.
Best advice from Patty
Don’t think too much. Don’t wait. Take action. 

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LTL 013: Moving Forward with Jaime Tardy
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 013: Moving Forward with Jaime Tardy
Meet Jaime!

Contact Jaime
Twitter: @eventualmillion
In this episode Jaime Tardy of Eventual Millionaire drops some serious knowledge bombs in the areas of life, love, legacy…and of course money! Ready to learn what it takes to acquire true wealth? Then tune in as Jaime shares how quitting your job to follow your passion (even if you’re not quite sure what you want to do) is a form of moving forward, how being a part of a Mastermind Alliance can change your life, why being in love makes you sad, and the best piece of advice she’s received from one of the 120 millionaires she’s interviewed on her popular podcast, Eventual Millionaire.
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Jaime’s quote(s) to live by
“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Jaime
*Click your favorite quote from Jaime to tweet it from the roof tops!
“You can hope that you’re on the right track, but you’re not gonna know until you start walking down that path.”
“Don’t quit your job without knowing what you’re going to do.”
“You’ll figure it out as long as you keep pushing forward.”
“If you see an excuse, recognize it as just an excuse and keep moving forward.”
Who’s your Shero?
The character Dagny from the book Atlas Shrugged. She was someone who really embodied getting what she wanted and doing what she wanted. I like to look to her as a strong female role model.
How would you define legacy?
Doing as much as I possibly can while I’m here, for later. The more I can do now to change the way people are later-- to me that’s legacy. I want to live my legacy now so later I know that even if it’s not evident…you know, you changed something.
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She Built a 7 Figure Business (during the recession while battling severe postpartum depression)
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 012: She Built a 7 Figure Business (during the recession while battling severe postpartum depression)
Meet Sophie!

Spirit junkie. Pleasure pundit. Award winning realtor. Hot mom. Co-founder of S+M: a business course on how to sell and market yourself effortlessly. 
Sophie is in the top 5% of all real estate agents in North America and consistently sells multi-million dollars of real estate each year working part time. In fact, she built her 7 figure business in the midst of a recession while battling severe postpartum depression. 
A real adventurer at heart, she’s been seen in Forbes and Rebelle Society in addition to being featured on Youtube for her off-the-cuff interviews of professional athletes. Sophie also sits on the board of directors for Micro-Skills, a non-profit that supports immigrants in finding work once then arrive to Canada. 
When she’s not juggling her two boys, amazing guy or dog friend Diezel, she’s flying to exotic places, skydiving from airplanes or helping out a friend in need. More than anything, Sophie believes in inspiring others to take risks, putting herself out there and viewing life as much as possible with childlike curiosity. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.
Keep in touch
You can keep up with Sophie and all things S+M (Sales & Marketing) here
In this episode, pleasure pundit Sophie Solomon shares how when she found out she was losing everything; how in her darkest hour -- buying a $400 pair of shoes cemented her abundant mindset. She talks about what she did to build her 7 figure business during the recession while battling severe postpartum depression, and even schools us on what we can learn from the legacy of Amelia Earhart.
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Sophie's quote to live by
“The biggest risk is not taking risks. A turned on body is a turned on life. Be in your body and own who you are.” – Sophie Solomon
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Sophie
*Click your favorite quote from Sophie to tweet it from the roof tops!
“I could sink or I could swim and I chose to swim.”
“If you take care of yourself then everybody around you thrives.”
“…A turned on body is a turned on life. Be in your body and own who you are.”
“You get back what you put out there.”
Who’s your Shero?
Amelia Earhart. I loved how fierce she was. She really stood for who she was. People really admired her…she was authentic. She was an early version of authenticity especially for a woman of her time.
How would you define legacy?
The trail of inspiration that you leave behind you. The things that you did in your life that inspire others. Like pixie dust.
Where have you started to see the fruits of your legacy in how you live?
My children.
My 10 year old son came to me and said, “Mommy you have the best life.” I asked him why he thought that, and he said, “Because you follow your dreams. You are an adventurer and you just live with a huge amount of passion.”
You lead by example for your children.
My book recommendation(s)
The Game of Life for Women and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn
Audio Version: Game of Life audio book
Best advice 
It’s important to live like there is no tomorrow. Move through your fear. Love yourself with abandon -- like your life depends on it. You create your dream.
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LTL 011: Dodging Death to Living Legacy with Cathy Olson!
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 011: Dodging Death to Living Legacy with Cathy Olson!

Meet Cathy!

I’m a wife, a mom, and a small business owner of Love-Inspired, a graphic and web design studio in Sunny San Diego, California. I've been a professional designer for 13 years and for 5 years Love-Inspired has allowed me to create beautiful, unique, and authentic brands and sites for creative businesses. I share my experiences on the Design Life Project, and teach e-courses to help others to: focus on what matters, love the people around you, find your passion, leave a legacy that you are proud of, and go to bed at night with a big ol’ smile on your face... regardless of the day’s circumstances, knowing you did a job well done.
Connect with Cathy!
Website link:
Twitter: @loveinspired
In this episode, Cathy shares her story about how surviving an extremely rare surgery (the removal of a very rare tumor) was the catalyst for her choice to live her legacy in every moment of every day. She shares: how continuously refining our life and work leads to happiness and success, how to find balance through customization, and even reveals the most significant lessons learned from dodging her own death. In the end, Cathy challenges us all to live and LOVE fully each and every day-- as if it truly were our last.
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Cathy’s quote(s) to live by
“Thoughts make things possible but action makes them real.” -  Ralph Marston
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Cathy
*Click your favorite quote from Cathy to tweet it from the roof tops!
“Jump in headfirst and then figure it out later.”
“If the past has taught me anything, it’s that I’m constantly evolving.”
“Helping people is the ultimate purpose.”
"Every day is a gift."
“Anything that makes you feel less than, just get rid of it.”
“Getting stuck in traffic is a blessing.”
Who’s your Shero?
Lara Casey because she’s so encouraging. She’s open about the struggles that she’s been through and she just loves on her clients.
How would you define legacy?
It’s the imprint that we make on someone else’s heart and soul.
My book recommendation(s)
One Month to Live by Kerry Shook
Best advice
Step away from anything that makes you feel less than. It’s not always about adding things in our lives it can also be about subtracting. Anything that makes you feel less or worse about yourself or negative just get rid of it. Really simplify. Fill up your days with things you really love.
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LTL 010: Making it Happen with Desiree Adaway!
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 010: Making it Happen with Desiree Adaway!

Meet Desiree!

Desiree Adaway has over 20 years of experience creating, leading and managing international, multicultural teams through major organizational changes in over 40 countries. Her deep level of expertise in fundraising, grant management, and environmental, social justice, and faith-based initiatives, allows her to offer specific insights that help organizations achieve consistent, quality program results at the chapter, national, and international levels.
Connect with Desiree
Twitter: @desireeadaway
In this episode, Desiree Adaway of the Adaway Group explains how wholly being yourself is the key to success! She also shares how skipping school, choosing love, and asking for forgiveness helped move her toward her purpose driven work of today. 
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Desiree’s quote(s) to live by
“Love wins.” – Desiree Adaway
“If we don’t define ourselves for ourselves, we’ll perish.”—Desiree Adaway paraphrasing Audre Lorde’s
 If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” ― Audre Lorde
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Desiree
*Click your favorite quote from Desiree to tweet it from the roof tops!
“Fear is what keeps us small in life and fear is what keeps us smaller than we are.”
“Be careful what you say…you never know the impact it’s going to have on somebody.”
“If I want to do it, I’m going to do it. I’m going to figure out a way to make that happen.”
“We have to know that we are worthy of the great things that can happen to us.”
Who’s your Shero?
My mom. She sacrificed a lot for her kids. I would also have to say, that all the women in my family are my Sheroes. They are all amazing women who left me with a lot of wisdom and laughter.
How would you define legacy?
It’s the feeling or the mist that comes after me. It’s how my children live and how they raise their children to live. And I personally won’t have any say in it.
My book recommendation(s)
My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird – I just love the sense of justice. For me, justice and social justice have been an integral part of what the women in my life taught me.
Daring Greatly  – Brene Brown
Best advice
Wholly be yourself.
The world will tell you that you are not enough or that you are too much, and it’s all a dirty lie. You are amazing the way you are.
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LTL 009: Courage and the Female Breadwinner with Dr. Dawn Delavallade
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 009: Courage and the Female Breadwinner with Dr. Dawn DeLavallade

 Meet Dawn!

Dawn DeLavallade, M.D. is a practicing physician and freelance writer based in Orlando, Florida. With several years’ experience as the primary breadwinner in her own marriage, Dawn recognizes that she is part of an emerging trend in American relationships. This phenomenon inspired her first book entitled “She Makes More-Inside the Minds of Female Breadwinners”  which serves to provide a voice for female breadwinners in America. Her book reveals the thoughts and feelings that female breadwinners are often reluctant to tell their mates and will serve as a manual to help men better understand this unique breed of wife.

Connect with Dawn
Twitter: @drshemakesmore
In this episode Dr. Dawn Delavallade shares how listening to that still small voice moved her to step into her power and use her voice, not as a radiologist, but as a champion for female breadwinners around the world. You’ll even find out how Kim Kardashian inspired Dawn to take action now!
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Dawn’s quote to live by
“You can pray until you faint, but if you don’t get up and try to do something, God is not going to put it in your lap.” – Fannie Lou Hamer
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Dawn
*Click your favorite quote from Dawn to tweet it from the roof tops!
“I’m going to be the change I want to see.”
“Goals help me get up in the morning.”
“You have to slow down long enough to dream.”
“We need to design our lives the way we want it to be.”
Who’s your Shero?
I don’t have just one. I have many women in my life who at different points in time have inspired me. Some of these women include my older sister, my cousin, and my mother. But the person who inspired me the most to act was Kim Kardashian.
How would you define legacy?
The lasting impact that each of us leaves once we have moved on from this life. What will you be remembered as? What impact will you have had on the lives of others? How many people have you really helped or influenced during your time on this earth?
My book recommendation(s)
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Best advice
Slow down long enough to dream.
Your passion…that thing inside of you that just won’t go away is God whispering to you what you’re meant to do with your life. You can choose to ignore it until you’re 6 feet underground, but the courageous individual won’t ignore it, they’ll act on it and begin to manifest their purpose.
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LTL 008: Create Your Body of Work with Pam Slim
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 008: Create Your Body of Work with Pam Slim
Meet Pam!

Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker and leader in the new world of work. She has coached thousands of budding entrepreneurs, in businesses ranging from martial art studios to software startups. Her new book, Body of Work, will be released with Penguin Portfolio on December 31, 2013.
Pre-order your copy today!
Connect with Pam!
Twitter: @pamslim
In this episode, Pam continues our conversation around the new world of work by challenging each of us to create a body of work that we are really proud of. She even reveals the one skill that everyone needs to develop to remain relevant and successful.
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Pam’s quote to live by
“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." – W.H Murray
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Pam
*Click your favorite quote from Pam to tweet it from the roof tops!
“The purpose of our lives is to create a body of work that we are really proud of.”
“We can come from unthinkable situations and end up creating beauty in our lives.”
“There’s the story you tell yourself and then there’s the story you tell others. You need to get your first story straight.”
“Change is possible.”
“We’re all self-employed.”
Who’s your Shero?
Nancy Duarte
How would you define legacy?
The body of work that you leave behind at the end of your life.
Tell us more about this “body of work.”
Your body of work consists of the things that you create within your work life…but it’s also what you leave behind in terms of the quality of love you leave in your family. The mark you leave in your community. That’s the thing that ends up living on long after we’re gone.
What is that overall big body of work that you’re leaving that captures your spirit so that will remember you. What kind of change have you effected?
My book recommendation(s)
Resonate by Nancy Duarte
Best advice
Become comfortable breaking down your goals into really tiny little pieces.
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LTL 007: Just Start with Natalie Currie
Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 007: Just Start with Natalie Currie
Meet Natalie!

Natalie is a seasoned entrepreneur, certified professional coach, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker who helps change-agents flourish.
Connect with Natalie
Facebook page: Natalie Currie Enterprises Inc.
Twitter handle: @nataliecurrie
LinkedIn: Natalie Currie
In this inaugural episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy show entrepreneur, coach and keynote speaker Natalie Currie talks about the importance of just starting, and doing what you love even if it’s for just 15 minutes a day. This episode is very special because it’s actually the first episode Theresa ever recorded. Her message? Start where you are with what you have. You can live your dream – you just have to start.
You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Natalie’s quote to live by
“It is what it is.” – Natalie’s Husband
Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Natalie Currie
*Click your favorite quote from Natalie to tweet it from the roof tops!
"Resilience is not about bouncing back, it's about bouncing forward."
"There's no benefit to arguing with reality."
“Accepting what is allows me to appreciate life in its current form.”
“Get back in touch with what you love.”

“We all are afraid of our dreams for some reason or another.”

Who’s your Shero?
Tonya Surmon – she’s incredibly good at community building.
How would you define legacy?
What I leave behind when I’m gone. Whether that’s leaving a room, leaving an organization, a community, or ultimately leaving this planet. Legacy gives our lives meaning and purpose because it’s really about creating a sense of permanence.  It’s about leaving every situation better than when I found it.
My book recommendation(s)
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
Watch his actual last lecture here
Additional Resource: Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham
Best advice 
Just start.
Start doing something you love. If you listen to yourself, you’ll discover what makes you light up, what you enjoy etc. Do something you love even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day. 
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"Theresa helped me to formulate and execute a plan to realize my dream of launching a non-fiction literary work into an enterprise to improve relationships. I highly recommend Theresa and Her Life, Her Legacy!"